Hello!  Thank you so much for coming to visit.  So, you’re a patient, are you? Or perhaps the family member of a potential patient?  Well, whoever you are, you’re in the right place if you, or someone in your family, has a brain-related problem.  Make an appointment and come and see us, and we’ll initiate the process of dealing the problem, make a tentative or definite diagnosis, and provide you with a whole lot of helpful information.

It doesn’t matter if your doctor didn’t refer you; that system no longer applies.  It’s fine if a friend recommended us, or maybe you even found us on the internet, you’re still welcome.

If you browse around on this website, you should find the information you need.  If you can’t, please let us know what information is missing!  You’ll find an explanation of what kind of illnesses we investigate, what happens when you undergo a neuropsychological assessment, who to bring, and so on.