Image depicting gears in brain Are you an assessor evaluating a disability claim for an insurance company?  Do you have a client who is claiming ill-health on the basis of a stroke, or depression, dementia or a brain tumour?  Perhaps you have one of those cases that doesn’t really make sense and you’re not sure if the client has a genuine problem, or perhaps is trying to take the insurance company for a ride.

You’ve come to the right place; have a look at the page dealing with insurance claims.  We are renowned for understanding and identifying functional neurological disorders.  Ormond Neuroscience is completely independent and objective; if there is a problem, we’ll identify it, even if the problems are subtle, but if the client is simulating a problem, we’ll provide rock solid, objective evidence to protect you from a fraudulent claim.

Alternatively, you may be a client or patient who has lodged a disability claim and your insurance company have requested that you undergo a neuropsychological assessment.  Not sure what to expect?  Have a look at the information on this site, especially the pages related to insurance examinations and neuropsychological assessments.  You’ll find out more about the process and your legal rights as a claimant.  Relax, you’re in safe hands.  We have tons of experience and deal with a wide range of neurological and psychiatric conditions.